Nicole Abrishami

Travel Manager

My best teacher in life has been my travels.

I grew up in Los Angeles, a cultural melting pot with a mom as a chef and a dad who was the consummate host. Hospitality is in my blood. Learning about people and places through food, family recipes and from across a dinner table is how I explore. My best memories always involve something delicious in a beautiful corner of the world. I began my career as a Chef, transitioning to sales in the luxury hotel space. A long career of bringing dreams and fantasies to life; be it a wedding, event or intimate moment, I love orchestrating special occasions for my clients. My passion for travel is broad yet specific; I seek out the hidden secrets of a place, the beautiful vistas, and unique experiences that are undeniably destination driven. Often found sailing while on holiday, I have been able to discover deeper layers of a place, only reached by sea. Working at Ciao Andiamo brings together my love for hospitality and an exploratory spirit.